IPSC FAQ and Advice for New Shooters

These FAQs were inspired by an email received by the Webmaster from a new shooter interested in getting involved in IPSC. The questions were of a nature that seemed to indicate that there is still some confusion about how to get involved in the sport and spirit of IPSC. Admittedly, most of us take these things for granted, or have heard by word of mouth. It makes sense to include these questions here for those who don't yet have access to an IPSC shooting buddy.

Want to know more? Check out the Getting Started in Practical Shooting - SAFELY! for even more indepth information

We hope that this page helps to clarify a few things for you and by all means, if you have a question or two that you would like us to answer on this page, please send an email to our Webmaster. Also, many more questions and answers can be found at USPSA.org.

Q: Are there any prerequisites to be able to join the matches that you hold?
A: Anyone may attend our matches and unless otherwise posted, no preregistration is required. We list our matches on our site; click on "IPSC Schedule" to the left. You may also find all IPSC matches listed by "Area" and for each participating shooting club at http://www.uspsa.org. The Harvard Action Shooters are part of Area 7; Northeast Section.

We recommend that you are familiar with shooting an IPSC match, and are aware of the IPSC rules and regulations found in the IPSC Rule Book. Just let us know that you are a new shooter to IPSC when you arrive and we'll be sure to take extra special care of you for your first match.

Q: Who is the person to contact for more information or for registration?
A: For a regularly scheduled monthly match, there is no preregistration necessary. Registration takes place when you arrive at the match, pay the fee, and sign up for a squad. This usually happens for about a 1/2 hour before the match starts. (Please use IE for the above link, the match list doesn't show up in all Netscape Browser's.)

"Major Matches" usually require preregistration due to the limited number of spots available. Contact information, prices, and registration information may be found at USPSA.org.

Q: Do I need to be a member at each club to shoot matches there?
A: Nope. All IPSC shooters are welcome and encouraged to attend ALL matches.
Q: Do I need to be a member of one of the clubs to shoot any of the matches or is a USPSA membership all that is required?
A: You do not need to belong to any of the clubs to shoot the matches, however you should join a club in your area where you can practice the discipline of IPSC.

You don't actually need to be a USPSA member to try out your first few matches. If you intend to keep shooting IPSC, you should become a member so that you can get classified and can compete with others of the same class.

C: A nice idea would be to invite new shooters to your club for a short safety and introduction seminar.
R: You are welcome to take part in our weekly IPSC practice sessions. During the winter months we practice indoors, when the weather gets better we practice outdoors every Wednesday night starting at about 5PM. There are usually many experienced shooters available to answer questions and give pointers.

Want to know more? Check out the Getting Started in Practical Shooting - SAFELY! for even more indepth information

Call around to some of the clubs in your area to see if they are involved in IPSC, or use the USPSA.org site to find clubs and people to contact for times and places to practice.